Wicker1   “The Wicker Man” has a pretty strong following for a cult movie. The vocal support behind it from those who love it is definitely strong enough to reach the ears of the uninitiated (like myself) who have never seen it and who might not want to see it because they are only aware that the Nicolas Cage remake was one of the worst movies ever made.

   You know what they never mention? This movie is a freaking musical!

   If I told you there was a straight-up serious horror movie out there, with shocking twists and spooky atmosphere and wierdo characters and everything, and then I also told you that it had about seven song breaks in it where characters sing and dance and Wicker_2make merry, you wouldn’t believe me. If you did believe that such a movie could possibly exist, you would probably think it was utter rubbish. If I told you that it’s freaking great, you would think that maybe I’d lost my mind after watching horror movies all month.

   But I swear to you, “The Wicker Man,” is a delightful British musical with jaunty “Scottish folk music” (all the music was written especially for the film, though it is written to sound as if it has been around for centuries) and great character moments during extended musical interludes and, oh yeah, MURDERRRRRRR!!! This a smash-Wicker3bang detective story, an interesting and complex message film, a tale of intrigue, and a wonderful quirky small-town drama that just goes to prove that, even in British cinema, if a bunch of people grow up in complete and total isolation, they’re totally going to want to kill you.