So these people are my new Halloween heroes. I mean, come on! This is a great way to enjoy some Halloween classics, reinterpreted for all their best emotional beats. Every moment that gives you chills or makes you laugh is perfectly translated onto the face of this very versatile house. It’s probably the best actor I’ve seen all month. (I think I’m joking…)

   A brief aside: Seeing those elaborate lights, and especially that little graveyard in the front yard sent a jolt through my system. It reminded me how scared I was as a kid to go near any house that had a “graveyard” out front. I guess it’s a memory I had repressed, funnily enough. remembering that… man, I must have been a nightmare for my parents! I was a squeamish little bugger, and I would keep my eyes closed the whole way up a pathway to the house if that pathway was surrounded by, ahem, “the dead.” I’m sure if I saw those little dioramas of horror now (and I remember exactly where they were in relationship to my childhood home) I would probably laugh at them and then kick them over for torturing me. But in my imagination, they remain these towering crypts full of unimaginable horrors!

   (And to those people who sit on your porch pretending to be a scarecrow or a plastic monster only to jump at kids when they reach for the bowl in your lap: I remember where you live and I hate you!)

   And, just for fun, because who doesn’t need a little party rocking? Even the dead need to party rock sometimes, right? Right.