Supernatural thriller, The CW, Thursday Nights

What’s it about? Witches! The next generation of witches in a small Northwestern town discover that they have magical powers and try to work together to form the secret circle – which will bind them and keep them in check and protected – while, unbeknownst to them, their parents go around making mischief and killing people and mucking up the good name of upstanding witches everywhere.

On the Holiday Special Scale: 8 out of 10. Like Buffy, this show has immense holidays and monsters as metaphors potential. I mean, every week is like a Disney Channel Halloween movie, but I think that the quality stays up on this show and it continues to find ways to up the awesome quotient and keep viewers on their toes. This show is from the creator of The Vampire Diaries, and that show has had no trouble finding a fawning fan-base that will shout until their faces or blue that the show they love is way better then Twilight and all comparisons should stop. I believe them, and I think that this show will add another feather to The CW’s cap when it comes to talked-about supernatural drama done right.

On the Stupid Adveritsement Scale: 8 out of 10. The acting in the pilot is a bit wooden. Typically for The CW, what you see first is how pretty everyone is, and only a while later do you see if there is any substance behind the pretty faces. You always have to wait a bit to judge a CW show is what I’m saying. They front-load on the star-making, and then a few weeks in you either realize you have something that is light as air and insubstantial, or you have a really entertaining water-cooler beheamoth. This one feels like the latter, but it’s too early to tell, and the pilot mostly got me through on its looks and the machinations of its older cast members – the evil parents who are behind everything and pull some pretty cool magic.