After a long hiatus, I am back on board the Buffy train in a big way!

You remember her right? Slays vampires. Makes with the funny. Saves the world. Inspired this blog.


Good to have her back, truly it is. Don’t know why it took me so long to get back on board after finishing season 2. Actually I do. Trying to watch Buffy through less than legal means sucks. It’s slow and cumbersome and makes me want to throw my computer, which is bad because I need my computer for things other then science fiction/fantasy geek-out time… But then, a week ago, I moved into my new place and found myself inheriting a brand spanking new Netflix account. My moral quandries with the Great Netflix Price Hike of 2011 gave me some pause, and I thought about declining, but then I turned on my computer, went “Oooooh, Buffy!” and that was the end of that. I’ve been pushing through season 3 ever since.

(Note: I have been watching a lot of Buffy over the past week at what I consider a somewhat demanding pace, but I would like to point out that in the time it has taken me to watch 18 episodes, or about 90 percent of one season, my new roomate watched, in her spare time, from the Season 4 premiere to the Season 7 finale, and she finished about two days ago. I think this is a somewhat superhuman feat, and I want to give her a plaque… or an intervention.)

So I will soon be done with Season 3 of Buffy, which I hear through the grapevine is, in some ways, the best of the Buffy seasons (no other season was as consistent or cohesive) and in some ways is just an appetizer to the delicious entree to come (in every best of list I see, Seasons 4 and 5 seem to be the main contributors, so even if those seasons may not be stellar, they contributing some of the highest highs to the Whedon canon. All the same, before I look ahead, I plan to look back at what has been a great season of meaningful storytelling. I don’t know yet how I plan to commemerate my finishing season 3, but I plan on doing something special (though I will not throw a birthday party for Buffy, because those never seem to work out well at all). I hope I jump on Season 4 sooner rather than later, but at the moment I am satisfied at the fact that, for the moment, I am still on pace to beat Joss Whedon to The Avengers, which I think is my goal at this point!