Right now you’re either thinking, yeah she’s really cool… or who the heck is Jayme Dee?



… *Continues Gaping*

What? Am I supposed to say something more substantial that? Ummm… Pretend I said something really clever about how quickly, in the Youtube age, something can seem like an artifact everyone knew about ages ago, even when it is pretty much new, because 2009 is not that long ago and, on the Internet, 200,000 is not actually that many people; and how, simultaneously, something can seem like a really fresh discovery that only you have made, even when it is kind of old (I mean, in Internet years, which are like the new dog years, 2009 seems like forever ago) and the number on the screen tells you that hundreds of thousands of people you do not know have already seen this person sing and play guitar and liked them, and you haven’t heard a word. Which is kind of a profoundly strange feeling that is unique to what we’ve lived and experienced for the past, oh, five years!

Pretend I said that.

Because all I’m saying is, she is one pretty girl… and she has got one gorgeous voice. That is all.