Look who’s entered the Katy Perry pop star mentoring program guys? It’s Rebecca Black! That’s good, she needed a mentor to focus her talent. She was partying too much on Friday nights and she seemed very indecisive about which seat to take.

In all earnestness, this video, starring Perry, who visits Black’s Friday night bash, is a blast even if the song isn’t necessarily all that. If you were ever wondering if a music video could sustain every 80s teen movie cliché ever, a Kenny G solo, two cast members from the hit show Glee, YouTube’s greatest villain, Katy Perry all uglied up and molesting members of Hanson, and, finally, Corey Feldman, well here’s your answer. Yes, yes it can… Barely, but it can be done.

On a more relevent note, I see the same surprising thing here from Rebecca Black that I saw in her horrendous Friday video — you can claim that song is the worst song ever, and it might be, but you cannot claim that Black is not a somewhat engrossing and charming presence on your screen. Millions watched her rather then shut her off. She draws you in, even if it’s for all the wrong reasons so far. There’s a certain casual charm about her, no matter what she’s singing. Here, in her second video appearence, with no lines, you can still definitely claim she’s being dumb and doing stupid things to a stupid song, but you can’t claim you’re not watching sort of intently. She has a certain presence on-screen. I mean, she’s not Brando, but there’s something arresting about this girl. Don’t be surprised if, with Mama Katy at her side, Black gets a good song to record and becomes something of a legitamite pop star by the time she reaches 15. Okay, putting the crystal ball away now…

Rebecca Black Mentors Katy Perry in Being Popular. Ha! Yeah, Right!

(By the way, the minute long skit in the end between Kathy Beth Terry (Perry) and her mom and dad (80s stars Corey Feldman and mall queen Debbie Gibson) plays like a really funny SNL skit with a kooky character at the center, and really it could be just that. Lorne, are you watching? Katy would like to host I think?)